Welcome to the SILA Foundation

The purpose of the SILA Foundation is to provide an educational forum for the public in financial services, specifically insurance licensing and securities registration. Its purpose will be to develop and improve individuals’ capabilities within the financial services industry through educational materials, courses, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, personal career development, mentoring, job training, job fairs or other programs as determined by the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees.

Education is a key to success in your work!

The SILA Foundation Certification Education Program offers Line Specific Learning Tracks in the field of insurance and securities licensing administration giving students the opportunity to focus their studies directly on a career related curriculum. The variety of courses selected from participating providers facilitates individual training tracks to accommodate the student’s area of specialization of licensing administration.

Get Involved!

SILA Foundation seeks help from individuals and organizations interested in furthering industry and public knowledge concerning Financial Services topics. You can help by getting involved as a volunteer or by donating to the SILA Foundation.