SILA Designation Courses

This Designation section applies only Securities & Insurance Licensing Association (SILA) members who wish to complete the course requirements of the SILA Associate or SILA Fellow designation (for more information about the SILA designation programs, go to and click on Professional Development).

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The SILA Designation programs requires completion of three (3) required courses and two (2) elective courses from the list below. Some courses are available in a classroom setting and are offered as pre-conference classes held directly before the SILA National Education Conference. The courses that are available online can be purchased and completed through the links provided.

Required Courses

Required Courses (3 courses)

Choose any three (3) of these SILA courses:

  • Adjuster Licensing Basics
  • AML The More You Know The Better
  • Client Data Protection
  • Ethical Decision Making & Financial Professionals*
  • Ethics for Professionals
  • Insurance Ethics: On the Job*
  • Insurance Law
  • Practical Approach to Securities Registration and Compliance*
  • Producer Licensing Basics
  • Securities Basics*
  • Surplus Lines Fundamentals*
  • Understanding Variable Annuities
  • Variable Annuity Basics

*:  held only as a SILA preconference class

Elective Courses

Elective Courses (2 courses)

Choose any two (2) of these SILA courses:

  • Adjusters and CAT Claims
  • Adjuster Licensing Advanced*
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness*
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Broker/Dealer Compliance*
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations*
  • How to Make Yourself Indispensable*
  • Identity Theft (aka: Cyber Security & Identity Theft)
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Indexed Annuity Basics
  • Indexed Insurance Products
  • Protecting Senior Clients from Exploitation
  • Protecting the Consumer
  • Surplus Lines Advanced*
  • The Current Crisis in Insurance and Financial Fraud*
  • Undue Pressure and Financial Professionals*

*:  held only as a SILA preconference class

Special Notes


  • Online, self-study courses contain a final examination. A passing score of 70% or better is required.
  • Classroom courses (denoted with an *) are offered ahead of the annual SILA National Education Conference, contact us at for additional information.
  • Discontinued Courses will be accepted as long as they're completed within one year of purchase date.  Contact us at if you need to verify your course.


Course / OutlineTypeVendor
SILA: Adj and CAT Claims
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Adj Licensing Basics (revised 2023)
Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Identity Theft
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Ethics for Prof
Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Indexed Annuity Basics
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Indexed Insurance Products
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Insurance Fraud
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Insurance Law
Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Producer Licensing Basics
Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Protecting Senior Clients from Exploitation
Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Variable Annuity Basics
Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Client Data Protection
SILA: Understanding Variable Annuities
SILA: Protecting the Consumer
Elective A.D. Banker