The SILA Foundation is a public, non-profit organization led by volunteers. If you have qualities you could share with us, I'm sure we've a committee for you! Or, if you know someone within your organization who would like to volunteer, we would like to hear from them too.

SILA Foundation Committee Volunteers Opportunities:

Outreach & Events Committee:

This committee puts the “fun” in fund-raising! Their efforts include the new virtual shout-outs, finding corporate sponsors, and other conference related activities. This committee is led by the Development Trustee.

Education Committee:

The Education Committee oversees the research, development and administration of the Foundation’s public and SILA, Inc. members’ education and other services related to the Foundation’s purpose. This Committee works in-conjunction with SILA, Inc..

Finance Committee:

This committee consists of only five(5) additional members approved by the Board of Trustees. Duties include review of monthly financial status reports, fundraising oversight, development of annual budgets, recommendations for audits and Foundation investment oversight.

Nominating Committee:

This committee develops members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers and mentor members to assume organizational Board and Officer Positions within the organization.

Promotions Committee:

This committee’s focus is to promote the Foundation’s brand, create communications and a social media presence, and attract increased participation in Foundation events, programs, courses, webinars, and conference and fundraising activities.

Scholarships & Grants Committee:

This committee oversees the research, development and administration of the Foundation’s activities related to providing scholarships and grants to the general public and also members of SILA, Inc. Applications must be received by April 1st annually in order to be considered for current year's committee.

Come join us!

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