Adjuster Learning Track

Adjuster Learning Track


  • Each student must complete two required courses ($60 each) and one elective course ($60 each) for a total cost of $180 for each track level. Each course selected must be completed and the final exam passed.
  • All students are required to progress from the Certified Level, through the Advanced and end the program at the Professional  NOTE: The requirement to start at the Certified Level is waived for those who had previously received their SILA Certification.
  • A certificate of course completion will be issued to those who pass the end-of course examination with a minimum score of 70%.
  • A SILA Foundation Certificate of Achievement will be awarded as each level is completed.

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Adjuster Track-Certified

SILA: Errors & Omissions Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Ethics for Prof. Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Adjuster Licensing Basics Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Insurance Law Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Cyber Security & Identity Theft Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Insurance Fraud Elective A.D. Banker


Adjuster Track-Advanced

SILA: Claims Procedures Required CAPE School
SILA: Insurance Ethics Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Liability Coverage Required CAPE School
SILA: Adjtrs and CAT Claims Required A.D. Banker
SILA: Protecting the Consumer Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Superstorms Elective A.D. Banker


Adjuster Track-Professional

SILA: Claims Adjusting II Required CAPE School
SILA: Covering Disasters Required CAPE School
SILA: Ethics in the Senior Market Elective A.D. Banker
SILA: Protecting Senior Clients from Exploitation Elective A.D. Banker