Foundation Founders

signified by a star next to their name.

Corporate Donors

  • Sustaining Partner ($100,000+lifetime)
  • Platinum Partner ($25,000-$99,000)
  • Gold Partner ($10,000-$24,999)
  • Silver Partner ($5,000-$9,999)
  • Bronze Partner ($1,000-$4,999)
  • Foundation Friend ($1-$999)

Corporate Donors Recognition


SustainingSILA, Inc.


PlatinumRegEd, Inc.


GoldPearson VUE
GoldPhysicians Mutual Insurance Company
GoldRhoads Online Institute
GoldStifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.


SilverAmerican Family Insurance Group
SilverBusiness Information Group (BIG)
SilverGreenberg Traurig Philanthropic
SilverKaplan Professional
SilverPSI Services, LLC


BronzeA. D. Banker & Company
BronzeAXIS Insurance
BronzeClements and Company
BronzeNational Life Group
BronzeNoMoreForms, powered by aINSIGHT
BronzeQuality Assurance Adjusting Services dba QA Claims
BronzeSupportive Insurance Services LLC

Foundation Friend

Foundation FriendAgentSync
Foundation FriendAssurant Foundation
Foundation FriendIMA Foundation
Foundation FriendInsCipher
Foundation FriendLockton Companies, LLC
Foundation FriendMad Dog Web Hosting & Design
Foundation FriendPatten Training & Review
Foundation FriendPrometric
Foundation FriendSaenger Consulting Group
Foundation FriendSysteme Software, Inc.
Foundation FriendThe Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation

Specialty Donors

  • Bruce Saenger Memorial Education Grant
  • In-Kind Donations

Specialty Donors Recognition

Bruce Saenger Memorial Education Grant

Education GrantA. D. Banker & Company
Education GrantBernadette Iwane
Education GrantWanda Magers
Education GrantSam & Libby Meyer
Education GrantDeirdre Patten-Kowalski
Education GrantCheryl Saenger
Education GrantSaenger Consulting Group


In-Kind DonationsBusiness Information Group (BIG)
In-Kind DonationsKaplan Financial
In-Kind DonationsMetLife
In-Kind DonationsPatten Training Services
In-Kind DonationsPearson VUE
In-Kind DonationsPSI Services LLC
In-Kind DonationsTina Wirtz

Individual Donors

  • Fellow ($1,000-up)
  • Benefactor ($500-$999)
  • Supporter ($100-$499)
  • Contributor ($20-$99)

Individual Donors Recognition


FellowBob Birman
FellowCindy Davidson
FellowKingston Koser
FellowJeff Lehman
FellowSam & Libby Meyer
FellowBob Nero
FellowTimothy Owen
FellowJames "Matt" Ray
FellowKarl Robison
FellowRandall Rosenkrans
FellowLisa Tordjman


BenefactorDiana Capes
BenefactorSherri Coleman
BenefactorBob Hamburger
BenefactorMary Ellen Hammack
BenefactorKaren Hornig
BenefactorJohn Humphries, Jr.
BenefactorBernadette Iwane
BenefactorLesli Leakey
BenefactorDeirdre Patten-Kowalski
BenefactorDonna Robinson
BenefactorCheryl Saenger
BenefactorKaren Silsby
BenefactorMelvin Smith


SupporterDan Baker
SupporterJeff Baughman
SupporterDeidre Birk
SupporterJohn Boeck
SupporterDixie Brown
SupporterTheresa Bucek
SupporterGloria Camacho
SupporterKaren Cardo
SupporterJoe Como
SupporterDiana Cooper
SupporterTadas Dabsys
SupporterRodny Dartiguenave
SupporterSue Davenport
SupporterDavid DeLong
SupporterBarb Donnar
SupporterJanet Edwards
SupporterGeorgia Fain
SupporterCharlene Ferguson
SupporterBrian Ferguson
SupporterJohn Fielding
SupporterJean Filipiak
SupporterBarbara Gavitt
SupporterJimmy Gunn
SupporterLarry Hagerty
SupporterKathleen Halverson
SupporterHeather Henderson
SupporterLora Herman
SupporterMary Lou Hood
SupporterJoseph Jania
SupporterHolly Kinney
SupporterRichard Kowalski
SupporterJoan LaCourse
SupporterMyra Lucero
SupporterJannae Lutter
SupporterNancy Maraat
SupporterKenneth Martin
SupporterKaren McArdle
SupporterRegina "Jeannie" McLarnon
SupporterJoy Miller
SupporterWalton Moseley
SupporterKaren Murphy
SupporterSheryl Mustain
SupporterAnne Marie Narcini
SupporterAnn Robinson
SupporterBruce Saenger
SupporterCheryl Saenger
SupporterTracy Sloan
SupporterSuraya Soto
SupporterDeborah Tatro
SupporterKarin Tejkl
SupporterJennifer Timm
SupporterEdward Vincent
SupporterSandy Von Ruden
SupporterAmy Ward
SupporterMargery Webber
SupporterPenny Williams
SupporterTina Wirtz


ContributorsVikki Adams
ContributorsLauren Ashley
ContributorsLucretia Ashley
ContributorsSandra Bailey
ContributorsEugene Barnes
ContributorsChristy Baumiller
ContributorsMike Beavers
ContributorsPat Bechelli
ContributorsJennifer Blehm
ContributorsSusan Boles
ContributorsJohnna Bond
ContributorsEvelyn Bonner
ContributorsJennifer Bridgwater
ContributorBeth Brooks-West
ContributorsNikki Brown
ContributorDominique Brown
ContributorsLinda Brunette
ContributorsRachelle Bruning
ContributorsJulie Burgess
ContributorsStephanie Butz
ContributorsJohn "Jack" Chaskey
ContributorsLaurie Coe
ContributorAdriana Coleman
ContributorsRobert Commodore
ContributorsDaniel Corridon
ContributorsMaria Coy
ContributorsDebbie Crane
ContributorsMichelle Crider
ContributorsCheryl Crittenden
ContributorsIlene Cuadrado
ContributorsClemence Dartey
ContributorsJune Davis
ContributorsCindy Dayton
ContributorsVicki Dees
ContributorsLauren DeLouche
ContributorsDavid Dietrich
ContributorsLori Dinquel
ContributorsAnn Dooley
ContributorKenyi Doyle
ContributorsPeggy Dunlap
ContributorsPatricia Duryea
ContributorsRick Ensing
ContributorNancy Erbeck
ContributorsDana Espinoza
ContributorsStephanie Falls
ContributorsDeborah Fike
ContributorsJim Fryer
ContributorsDan Garber
ContributorsRebecca Garcia
ContributorsSandra Garrison
ContributorsLorie Gasior
ContributorsTerri Gasior
ContributorCharles Geigner
ContributorsChristine Gillis
ContributorsNicholas Glaser
ContributorsLaTanya Goodwin
ContributorsDebbie Gregory
ContributorsAnn Greismer
ContributorsKaren Gruber
ContributorsRandy Gundlach
ContributorsJoanna Hagelberger
ContributorsMarinell Harper
ContributorsChris Heggelund
ContributorsPatrick Henry
ContributorsPat Hertlein
ContributorsKristen Hinson
ContributorsSherry Holtquist
ContributorsKira Horn
ContributorsSusan Horn
ContributorsLinda Howell
ContributorsDonna Johnson
ContributorsScott Jordan
ContributorsPatty Joyce
ContributorsJohn Kalohn
ContributorsCourtney Khodabakhsh
ContributorsPenny Kilberry
ContributorsSheryl Knight
ContributorsLeslie Kosal
ContributorsMary Kay Krambeer
ContributorsDan Langer
ContributorsChristina Laquiere
ContributorsChristy Lawson
ContributorsDeborah Little
ContributorsMargaret Livermore
ContributorsTracy Lord Bishop
ContributorsHeather Lyons
ContributorsLeeAnn MacCready
ContributorsWanda Magers
ContributorsNatalie Maher
ContributorsKarin Marshall
ContributorsMonica Martin
ContributorsLorinda Martinez
ContributorsJason McCartney
ContributorsMaria McCoy
ContributorsBeth McCullough
ContributorsAnn McLaughlin-Bonetta
ContributorsSue Michael
ContributorsJeff Miller
ContributorsKay Miller
ContributorsTheresa Miller
ContributorsCorette Moore
ContributorsMichelle Morgan
ContributorsGuilda Moussazadeh
ContributorsRichard Muccio
ContributorsBradley Mullen
ContributorsTherese Mullen
ContributorsTracy Murdock
ContributorsJennifer Nana
ContributorsEileen Nanna
ContributorsLinda Newsome
ContributorsMary Newton
ContributorsBrian Niemiec
ContributorsSylvia Nott
ContributorsMary Ann O'Brien
ContributorsCindi Offerman
ContributorsSherrie Owens
ContributorsMary Ann O'Brien
ContributorJohn Paddock
ContributorsTeresa Padgett
ContributorsLeslie Page
ContributorsKaren Parl
ContributorsKathy Pavlicek
ContributorsNitza Pfaff
ContributorsRenee Powell
ContributorsDonna Richardson
ContributorsPam Riehs
ContributorsThomas Ripperda
ContributorsVanessa Robinson
ContributorsHeather Russell
ContributorStephanie Rustad
ContributorsMaria Sabina
ContributorsLaurie Sadowski
ContributorPam Sampey
ContributorsDetina Samuels
ContributorsDe Santapola
ContributorsKevin Schemm
ContributorsSandra Schneider
ContributorsLeona Schwab
ContributorsDeetra Serrano
ContributorsKaitlyn Small
ContributorsStan Starkey
ContributorsRisa Steinberger
ContributorsRobert Stevens
ContributorBryan Stevens
ContributorsJared Streeter
ContributorsArlene Sundby
ContributorsJackie Sweet
ContributorsMatt Tamplin
ContributorsNita Thompson
ContributorsLoretta Trujillo
ContributorsJulie Tucker
ContributorsTim Turner
ContributorsDeanna Vansell
ContributorsKaren Vourvopoulos
ContributorsAmy Ward
ContributorsJeff Weinstein
ContributorsChuck Welsh
ContributorsKay Williams
ContributorsVeronica Williams
ContributorsPaul Willis
ContributorsMichelle Wilson
ContributorsJ. Preston Winn
ContributorsChristopher Wirtz
ContributorsTracy Woirol
ContributorsLaurie Wolf
ContributorAllister Yu
ContributorsMindy Zaborowski
ContributorsKen Zgraggen

Tax Deductions for Donations

SILA Foundation has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 organization.

This means that any donations you may make to SILA Foundation can be deducted from your income taxes. Please check with your tax professional for guidance and applicable tax advice.