Are you interested in serving on the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees?

If so, we encourage you to apply for a position by completing the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees Application process. Serving as an Officer or Trustee in the SILA Foundation is a rewarding, invigorating and stimulating way to serve and give back to a person’s chosen profession.

Qualifications for Nomination:

Trustees are required to be the age of the majority in the state of Indiana, residents of the United States, and a majority of the Trustees must reside in the United States.

Do you know a talented person with a heart of service?

Do you know of someone who would make a great Officer or Trustee? If so, encourage him/her to complete the application process. We need people with willing hearts who are ready to promote and sustain the financial services business profession.

Term length:

With exceptions granted by 75% of the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees, all Officers shall serve a two-year term. With the exception of the President and the SILA Relations Trustee, all other positions will have staggered terms. The Treasurer, Compliance Trustee, Development Trustee and Regulatory & Organizational Relations Trustee are elected in even years, and the Secretary, Education & Services Trustee, Scholarships & Grants Trustee and Communications & Public Relations Trustee in odd years or until their successors are elected. Their term of office will follow the Corporation’s Fiscal year, January 1st – December 31st of any given year and acceptance of the office.

Term limits:

All Officers except the SILA Relations Trustee may serve for a maximum of two(2) consecutive terms in the same Officer position. Trustees will be elected for a term of two(2) consecutive years or until their successors are elected. Except for the SILA Relations Trustee, Officers &/or Trustees may serve up to two(2) consecutive terms on the Board and must sit out at least one year before holding an elected position as Officer or Trustee. Trustees shall hold no more than one elected office on the SILA Foundation Board at one time.

Application Process

Nomination Period for the 2023 Elections has closed.

SILA Foundation Board nominations will be accepted for a limited 30-day period to occur during the last-quarter of each calendar year.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for the announcement.  You may also email Mary Ellen Hammack, Executive Director for additional details.

The SILA Foundation Board Application will only be available below during the designated 30-day time frame (window has closed for 2023).  In the meantime, please click on the button to the right to review expectations prior to submitting your application.