Individual Donations

As an individual you have the choice to make a “one time” donation, or you may choose to donate routinely with “recurring monthly” donations. And to make an even bigger impact, please ask your employer to match your contribution through charitable platforms such as Benevity.

Thank you for considering supporting the SILA Foundation!

Individual Donation Levels

  • Contributor ($20 donation)
  • Supporter ($100+)
  • Benefactor ($500+)
  • Fellow ($1,000+)

Tax Deductions for Donations

SILA Foundation has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 organization.  This means that any donations you may make to SILA Foundation can be deducted from your income taxes. Please check with your tax professional for guidance and applicable tax advice.

One-Time Donation

One-Time Donations

Interested in supporting the SILA Foundation with a one-time donation?
The SILA Foundation appreciates all donations and with everyone working together our mission will be accomplished.

Recurring Donation

Recurring Donation

Interested in supporting the SILA Foundation with a recurring monthly contribution?

Easily set up and manage automatic donations with most major credit cards.  Also known as Recurring Donations or AutoDonate,  automatic monthly payments means you authorize us to collect the total donation indicated from your credit card every month.

Contribution Amounts
Request an Invoice

Request an Invoice