Welcome to the About the SILA Foundation Page

On this page you will learn more About the SILA Foundation and the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees. SILA stands for Securities and Insurance Licensing Association.

The SILA Foundation is run by volunteers please click the Get Involved tab at the top to learn about Opportunities for you to Join Us by filling out an application for committees and/or to Join the Board of Trustees.

The SILA Foundation and SILA Inc. have educational programs which share courses.

The Foundation’s Certification Program is open to the public. Students first choose a Learning Track, then they progress through Learning Levels by completing courses (Certified/Advanced/Professional). When a student has obtained a level, they submit a Certification Request form to be processed by the Foundation.

The purpose of the SILA Foundation is to provide an educational forum for the public. Educational content will cover Financial Services, specifically Securities and/or Insurance, and its purpose will be to develop and/or improve individuals’ capabilities regarding Financial Services. Activities may include educational materials, courses, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, personal career development, mentoring, job training, job fairs, or other programs as determined by the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees. These activities may be presented in person or via the Internet.


Lesli Leakey
Mary Ellen Hammack
Executive Director
Diana Capes
Trustee, SILA Relations
Immediate Past-President
Nikki Brown
Bob Birman
Julie Mendel
Trustee, Education
Fred Karlinsky
Trustee, Regulatory & Organizational Relationships
Kingston Koser
Trustee, Development
Margaret Bragg
Trustee, Compliance
Ann Robinson
Trustee, Communications & Public Relations
Susan Boles
Trustee, Scholarships & Grants