Identifying and Addressing Bullying Behavior in the Workplace Webinar

Identifying and Addressing Bullying Behavior in the Workplace Webinar

Thursday, March 18, 2021 @ 3:00pm Eastern

Bullying at school, bullying at work, cyber bullying… huge problems we all have experienced and yet, do we really know how to respond in the most constructive way? Workplace bullying in particular can impact productivity, workplace culture, employee retention, and result in expensive and disruptive litigation.

Enter Matt Paknis, of Matt Paknis Leadership Development. In our next FREE SILA Foundation webinar, Matt will help us both identify and address workplace bullying. Using dialogue grounded in listening and reflecting techniques, we will learn how to interrupt bullying behavior in a constructive and effective way. Matt will also share basic tools we all can use to prevent and transcend/overcome bullying, empowering us all to redirect a “power and control” dynamic to a “co-equal and respectful” interaction.

Matt Paknis is an author and senior management consultant with 6 years of experience coaching college football, 10 years of playing football, and 5 championship seasons who focuses on eliminating bullying in the workplace.

A former assistant coach at Penn State under Joe Paterno, Matt has overcome childhood experiences of trauma and bullying via teamwork and leadership.

He has consulted for 25 years helping global clients embrace healthy management practices.

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