Webinar: Surplus Lines for Dummies

Even if you have experience with Surplus Lines, sometimes you can feel like a dummy trying to keep it all straight! Who has to have a surplus lines broker license? What is an export list and is there an import list? What is an affidavit and why/when/where do I file it? How can a carrier write surplus lines if it is not licensed? What is a stamping fee and who uses stamps anyway? Is NRRA that new car-sharing service I heard about?

Leave your dummy days in the dust and join us for a FREE educational webinar where you’ll learn the answers to all these topics and more from some of the top experts in the field. Instructors include Shannon Stoner, Ryan Specialty; Tina Wirtz, IMA Financial; Joe Wurtz, All Risks (with other members of the Surplus Lines Steering Committee).

Unfortunately we did not capture a recording. Here is a link to the powerpoint.

Powerpoint available here