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The SILA Foundation’s ‘FOOTPRINT’ Grant is presented during our Annual Meeting to a qualifying organization located within the general vicinity of the meeting city.  Qualifying organizations include those who provide opportunities or educational activities for the public that develop and/or improve individuals’ capabilities that enhance their personal career and/or general wellbeing.   Activities may include personal development, job skill improvement, industry based educational materials, courses, public discussion groups, panels, lectures, personal career development, mentoring, job training, job fairs, or other programs deemed appropriate by the Foundation.

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Award Criteria:

  • The award amount is $1,000.
  •  It is presented to a IRS 501(c)3 non-profit or an established educational institution that supports and/or emulates the purpose of the SILA Foundation, as described in the about ‘SILA Foundation Footprint Project Profile’
  • A formal written and completed application must be submitted to the SILA Foundation.
  • Applications must be post marked or registered electronically dated no later than the established application cut-off date of August 15th of the award year.
  • Applications shall be reviewed by the Foundation’s Grants & Scholarship Committee who will make recommendations for final selection to the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • All applications become the property of the SILA Foundation upon receipt.
  • The Foundation Board of Trustees shall determine the winning organization by September 15th of the award year.  The presentation shall be made during the Foundation’s Annual Meeting.
  • Progress reports and results impact statements shall be provided to the Foundation quarterly from date of the grant award until such time all of the funds are distributed for the benefit of the stated grant purpose.  All excess/undistributed funds shall be returned to the Foundation upon the first anniversary of the grant award. 
  • The Foundation is free to make public via its website or other public means the project and impact.

2013 Footprint Grant Recipient

2012 Footprint Grant Recipient

The Inaugural Grant recipient for 2012 is: DenverGives.  The SILA Foundation awarded the grant in October 2012 to Kevin White, Acting Executive Director.  Join us in congratulating DenverGives!denvergives

DenverGives Purpose: To promote community giving, raise awareness and develop resources for small local nonprofits within the greater Denver Metro community.




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