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About Us

The purpose of the SILA Foundation is to provide an educational forum for the public.  Educational content will cover Financial Services, specifically Securities and/or Insurance, and its purpose will be to develop and/or improve individuals’ capabilities regarding Financial Services. Activities may include educational materials, courses, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, personal career development, mentoring, job training, job fairs, or other programs as determined by the SILA Foundation Board of Trustees.  These activities may be presented in person or via the Internet.


John Humphries, Jr.
Kingston Koser
VP, Development
Diana Capes
VP, SILA Relations
Sherri Coleman
James M. (Matt) Ray
Executive Director, SILA Foundation
Guilda Moussazadeh
Barb Gavitt
VP, Education
Cindy Davidson
VP, Compliance
Fred Karlinsky
Regulatory & Organizational Relationships Trustee
Kenneth Zgraggen
Public Works & Services Trustee
Rodny Dartiguenave
Scholarships & Services Trustee
Deirdre Birk
Education & Services Trustee
Matt Braunbeck
Communications & Public Relations Trustee


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